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CA Live API Creator Release Notes 3.0

posted Jul 22, 2016, 4:32 AM by Val Huber   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 1:42 PM by Laura Carrubba ]

CA Live API Creator Release Notes 3.0 summarizes new features, known issues, and other important information specific to this Live API Creator release.

What's New

This section outlines the marquee new features in Live API Creator:
  • Managed API

You can now create schema objects (tables, columns, relationships) in the databases you specify using Data Explorer. You can create new databases (schemas) from the Home page using the Create API wizard.

For more information:

  • Salesforce data source definition

You can now connect to Salesforce data sources. You can use a Salesforce JDBC driver to create, read, update, and delete Salesforce data.

For more information about Salesforce data sources, including how to connect to Salesforce instances, see Salesforce Data Source.

  • Code completion

When editing JavaScript code, you can now get suggestions for system objects, functions, SysUtility, SysLogic, and variables by pressing Control + Space on your keyboard.

For more information about code completion, see Code Completion.

  • XML as input format

You can now send (PUT/POST) data to API Creator using XML format.

For more information about the request formats, see Request Formats.

  • Debugger

You can now debug your rules, including events and JavaScript libraries, using the JavaScript debugger.

Note: The debug services are only available on the single-user version demonstration package that is based on Jetty.

For more information about the JavaScript debugger, see Debugger.

  • Improved development experience
You can now write your code more efficiently using the following new features:
    • Inline editing of libraries files
You can now edit your JavaScript libraries directly in API Creator instead of having to switch between two editors. You can develop your APIs and edit JavaScript in the same development tool.
    • Just-in-time derivation rules

When you add new derivation rules (formula, sum, count, and min/max), you can now specify that Live API Creator recompute the data values. If the value in the database is null, Live API Creator executes the rule on the first access (read or update), and stores the value for that column in the database. This is useful, for instance, to recompute values without incurring the cost up front.

For more information about Just in Time, see Synchronize Data with Logic.

    • Transform to resource

You can now use custom resources as transformation definitions (for example, in event handlers).

For more information about the logicContext object's transformCurrentRow method, see The logicContext Object.

    • System objects are returned as JavaScript objects

Live API Creator now executes your JavaScript code using the Oracle Nashorn JavaScript engine. In addition to improved performance, Nashorn properly handles Java strings in JavaScript. You can now instantiate objects in JavaScript using a syntax Nashorn understands.

For more information about the Nashorn JavaScript engine, including details about the syntax, see JavaScript.

    • Metadata access APIs

The LogicContext object now provides APIs to return information about tables and custom resources.

For more information about this object, see The logicContext Object.

    • Leverage JAR files as libraries in your API project

You can now make your Java Archive (JAR) files available to your API projects as libraries.

For more information about loading JAR files, see Install on Apache Tomcat.

    • Documentation reorganization

The documentation has been reorganized and now provides better navigation. Key pages have been clarified, including Row Objects, Customize your API, Custom Endpoints, Event HandlersComplex Transaction Processing, and Automatic Key Generation.

  • PostgreSQL admin database

You can now use PostgreSQL as an admin database.

For more information about using PostgreSQL as an admin database, see Use PostgreSQL as your Admin Database.

  • End User License Agreement (EULA)
You must now accept the terms of the EULA before you can use Live API Creator.

Known Issues

  • Salesforce does not support non-persistent attributes which use count, sum, min, max.

For more information about non-persistent attributes, see Non-persistent Attributes.

  • DE200323: XML - MySQL STRESS_FLOAT error during POSTDuring a POST to MySQL, float values passed into a text datatype are facing parsing issues (alphanumeric is OK).
  • EGL-666: You cannot install Live API Creator using Tomcat 8.0.32 as a Java container. A bug in org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoaderBase.filter prevents the proper operation of the DBaseTypes resource. If the Tomcat classloader is asked about a class named "org" (as will happen if the JavaScript engine requests a class), an exception is thrown.

For more information about this known Tomcat issue, see the Apache Software Foundation site.

  • EGL-891: In Data Explorer, dates are now edited as text.

  • DE227641: If you are on JDK 1.8.0_91 or older, you must use req.verb.toString() == 'POST' in expressions in request events. The same approach must be taken when comparing any other Java enum type with a string.

Fixed Issues

  • EGL-730: Slow pagination on tables without a primary key.
Note: Your table must have the primary key before you can change (update and delete) tables. The only exception is with Oracle, where we can get around this.
  • EGL-892: Timestamp parsing for Derby databases may fail on POST and PUT.