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CA Live API Creator Release Notes 2.1

posted Mar 12, 2016, 9:02 PM by Val Huber

CA Live API Creator Release Notes 2.1 summarizes new features, known issues, and other important information specific to this Live API Creator release.

What's New

This section outlines the marquee new features in Live API Creator:
  • Integration with CA API Gateway
You can now publish your API project's Swagger documentation to your configured API Gateway.

For more information, see Integrate with CA API Gateway.
  • IBM DB2 Support
This release supports the following databases:
    • DB2 for z/OS
    • DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows
For more information about DB2, see IBM DB2 Data Source.
  • Non-Persistent Attributes
This release supports non-persistent attributes (NPAs), which are pseudo-columns (attributes) that you can add to your API project without affecting the database schema.

For more information about non-persistent attributes, see Non-persistent Attributes.
  • Combined Resources
This release supports combined resources, which are resources whose attributes are included in the containing resource.

For more information about combined resources, including sub-resources, see Combined Resources.
  • CLI-based Configuration Management
You can script most of the tasks that you can do in API Creator using the admin Command Line Interface (CLI).

For more information:
  • Response Formats
This release supports multiple response formats, including CSV, XML, JSON, and JSONObject. For read-only, this release supports CSV and XML.
Note: The CSV response format is for single-level resources only.

For more information, see Manage your API Project or context help.
  • Development Life Cycle
This release supports a number of admin-cli enhancements, information, and samples to facilitate the following:
  • JNDI-based Data Source Definition
This release supports JNDI as a datasource connection.

For more information about connecting to JNDI data sources, see
JNDI-based Data Source definition.
  • Create API Projects with No Database
You can now create an empty API project without a connection to a database.

For more information about this new feature, see Create APIs Without Databases or the context help.
  • Improved performance for databases without a primary key.
You can now ensure consistent ordering and expected pagination results.

For more information about the Force Consistent Pagination when no primary key setting, see Manage your API Project.
  • Custom Endpoints that Return HTML
You can now define custom endpoints that are not based on database objects and can return any response type, such as JSON, HTML, or binary data.

For more information about custom endpoints, see 
Custom Endpoints.
  • Data Explorer Show Parent
In Data Explorer, you can zoom to view the parent from the child grid.

Known Issues

  • EGL-666: Tomcat 8.0.32 is not a supported Java container. A bug in org.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoaderBase.filter prevents the proper operation of the DBaseTypes resource. If the Tomcat classloader is asked about a class named "org" (as will happen if the JavaScript engine requests a class), an exception is thrown.
  • EGL-891: In Data Explorer, date selection pop-up issue.
  • EGL-730: Slow pagination on tables without a primary key.
  • EGL-892: Timestamp parsing for Derby databases may fail on POST and PUT.

Fixed Issues

  • EGL-531: Auth provider not working.
  • EGL-734: Binary data. You can now define columns with binary data types, including primary keys and foreign keys.