Change Admin Passwords using API Creator

You can change the password for the admin user using API Creator or using cURL. The following procedures show how to change passwords using API Creator. For more information about how to change passwords using cURL, see Change the System Administrator Password using cURL.

Reset and Overwrite Passwords

You can reset passwords for user accounts and overwrite account administrator passwords (users belonging to the admin API).

In API Creator, select Your Account from the gear icon menu at the top right of API Creator. A list of account administrators is shown on the Admin Users page.

Reset the Super Admin Password

Prerequisite: You are logged in as the super admin user.

You can reset the super admin password from the Admin Users page or the Set Admin Passwords page, available at the following URL:


For example:

Automate Administrator Password Updates

For larger deployments of Live API Creator, you can script or automate admin password updates by POST-ing to API Server using the following @authentication request and payload:



    "username": "{{adminUserName}}",
    "password": "{{currentPassword}}",
    "new_password: "{{newAdminPassword}}"