The dbasetypes Endpoint

The dbasetypes endpoint represents the database types Live API Creator supports. The typical use of this endpoint is to look up the ident of a database type.

Note: This list is fixed. Do not change the list.

The following table includes the dbasetypes endpoint attributes:

 Name Type Required Description
 ident integer YThe unique identifier for this object.
 ts timestamp YThe date and time when this object was created or last modified.
 name string(30) YThe name for this database type.
Examples: Oracle or MySQL
 description string(100) NThe description for this object.
 version_name string(100) YThe version this database type supports.
Examples: All versions or Versions 9.0 and above.
 driver_class_name_list string(1000) YOne or more JDBC driver class name.
Example: org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver,com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
 catalog_term string(15) NThe term that this type of database uses for catalogs.
 schema_term string(15) NThe term that this type of database uses for schemas.
 url_prototype string(300) NA sample URL, preferably with the relevant parts pointed.
Example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<host>:<port>:<sid>
 driver_help string(100) NA URL to a page explaining how the URL should be specified.
 enabled     bit(1) YIf true, Live API Creator considers this database enabled.
 managed_data_capable bit(1) YIf true, managed_data_servers can use this database.
For more information about managed data servers, see Managed Data Servers.