Expose Published API Projects within API Portal

Complete the following if you manage your APIs using the Portal (CA API Management SaaS or CA API Developer Portal). You expose the published Live API Creator API from API Gateway within the Portal by:

  • Customizing the reference policy using the Policy Manager.
    For more information, see the "Map API Gateway Groups to Live API Creator Roles" section in Configure Published API Projects in API Gateway.
  • Adding the API Portal-managed assertion.

Verify Prerequisite

Ensure that you have completed the following prerequisite:

Expose an API Project from API Gateway to SaaS API Portal or On-Premise API Portal

For more information about using Policy Manager, see the API Gateway documentation.
  1. In the Policy Manager, log in to API Gateway as an administrator.
    gateway1 and admin/Password1
  2. In the services and policies list, double-click the API service policy.
  3. In the list of policy assertions, expand the Internal Assertions palette, add the Set as Portal Managed Service assertion into the API service policy, and then click Save and Activate.
    The changes are activated.
The API project is set as "portal managed" in API Gateway. The API project is exposed to the Portal (SaaS or on-premise).

Enable the Exposed API Project

You can enable the exposed API project within the Portal (SaaS or on-premise).

For more information: