Consume the Published API Project in API Gateway

Retrieve the Swagger Document for the Published API Project

You can test the consumption of the published API by retrieving the Swagger document from the configured Gateway service. This example uses Postman.
  1. Open Postman.
  2. Go to Authorization, Basic Authentication, and enter your Gateway credentials.
  3. Enter the following as the Get request:
  4. Click Send.
  5. (Optional) If you want to expose the published API within CA API Management SaaS, save the returned Swagger document as a JSON file and then upload it to the Portal.
    For more information, see Expose Published API Projects within API Portal.
The Swagger document for your API is returned.

Resolve Published API Project Conflicts

Publishing an API project multiple times to the same API Gateway server creates multiple instances of the project service in the LiveAPICreator/LAC Projects folder. Before you can use the API you published to API Gateway, you must resolve published API project conflicts. Disable the previously published versions or set a custom resolution path for the API project your want to use to a path that is different from the other project instances.

The following procedure resolves published API project conflicts by setting a custom resolution path.

  1. In the Policy Manager, from the LiveAPICreator/LAC Projects folder, right-click the API project you want to use.
    The project opens.
  2. Go to Service Properties, HTTP/FTP.
  3. Specify a new value for the custom resolution path. For example, if you published a sample project V1, change the /sample/v1/* path to /sample/v2/*.
  4. Save your changes.
You have set a custom resolution path for the API project you want to use.

Next Steps

Now that you have consumed the published API, you can expose the published API within the Portal (CA API Management SaaS or CA API Developer Portal).

For more information, see Expose Published API Projects within API Portal.