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Pagination is provided at each level of nesting for nested resources. You can retrieve the next batch of customers or the next batch of orders within a customer.

Override the Project Setting for Pagination

If you have configured pagination on large result sets that API Server returns, you can override the Page Size Default API project setting on a per-GET request basis by adding the pagesize query parameter to your GET, for example:


For more information about this API project setting, see API Properties.

Obtain Further Results

You can obtain further results from API Server using the pagination object:

}, {
"@metadata" : {
"next_batch" : "http://localhost:8080/APICreator/rest/demo1/Customers?pagesize=10&offset=10&order="

Obtain Next Page of Results

You can obtain the next "page" of results, which include all sub-resources, using the next_batch URI value.

Note: The offset may not change as you might expect. Row event and security affects this value so that it may not move in increments on pagesize.