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What does this mean?

Error 4031 indicates that the request tried to access a resource to which it does not have access.

The resources that you can access are determined by the API key that you use in the request. When the request comes in, the API key is authenticated, then:

  • the default permissions for the API key are determined -- API keys can have some types of access by default to all resources, unless specified otherwise in the roles
  • the roles assigned to the API key are retrieved
  • the permissions for each role are added to the set

Finally, looking at all this information, the server determines whether or not the request is allowed. If not, it sends back error 4031.

What should I do?

First, are you really supposed to have access to this resource? If not, then you're done.

If you believe you should have access to this resource, then you should ask the project administrator to give you API key sufficient privileges to access this resource in the desired way.