Configure your Server for the Northwind Database

Configure your server to have access to the Northwind Derby database if you want to run Live API Creator against the Northwind Apache Derby sample database. Live API Creator includes a Northwind Apache Derby database. If you are using the self-contained, single-user version of Live API Creator, which is a demonstration package based on Jetty, this database is pre-configured and ready for you to use. You can use this database in your own environment for training purposes.

You can install the Northwind Derby database only in a single-server environment. For more information about the environmental limitations, see Apache Derby as an Admin Database.

Prerequisite: You have copied the database files to a location your server can access. If the files are in a zip file, you have unzipped the file.

Modify your server configuration to include the following Java variable:

-Dderby.system.home=<path to parent directory>

For example, if your Northwind database directory is at c:\Users\jdoe\databases\Northwindthen define this variable as:


If you use Apache Tomcat as your Web server, include the variable into the script you use to start up Tomcat (perhaps in the environment variable CATALINA_OPTS or in the script

Connect to the Northwind Derby Database

Connect to the Northwind Derby database in that directory by specifying its directory name.