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Special Attention

Live API Creator's core capabilitiesresource definition, logic, and securityhave obvious applicability. The Business to Business example illustrates many of these, and so is highly recommended reading. This page identifies less obvious Live API Creator patterns that application developers have used repeatedly, yet often have overlooked initially. These patterns are therefore worthy of special attention.

For more information about the Business to Business example, see Business to Business Example.

Metadata Tags

You can choreograph how request data is inserted, updated, or deleted using metadata tags. They also provide important services for parent data lookup.

These often work in conjunction with generated key supportIt is often not reasonable to require that clients supply metadata tags, so are typically used in conjunction with request event handlers.

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Non CRUD Processing

Most database operations are combinations of create, read, update, and delete. But not all. You can address operations that don't easily fall into this pattern using custom endpoints and/or command pattern (for example, sync data from app-1 to app-2, or wakeup from a Cron job to print a report, poll for changes, etc).

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Request Events

You can reformat the incoming request (for example, to insert metadata tags) using request event handlers. You can also use them to reformat the response.

For more information about how to use request event handlers, see the "Request Examples" and "Response Examples" sections on Request Event Handlers.