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Manage your API Project

APIs represent the grouping of your database connections, schema, resource endpoints, business rules, and events as well as the security access-control settings. Each API has a list of one or more registered databases. These APIs are active and available, or running. You manage the contents of an API using API Creator.

For more information about the list of registered databases, see Data Sources.

Access your API Project

The APIs tab (on the Home page) is the main landing page for API Creator. This page includes a list of all your APIs. The ENABLED icon in each API tile indicates that the API accepts requests. Access your API by logging on to API Creator and clicking the tile for the API you want to access.

Revalidate the Schema after Making Changes

Live API Creator does not replicate your schema. You can use your existing tools to manage your schema. The rule repository makes reference to schema objects such as table and column names. If you drop or rename tables and columns, synchronize these with your repository. You can revalidate the schema with the rules definitions and show problems.

For more information:

Add Topics and Associate them to Rules

While Live API Creator automatically invoke logic for relevant transactions, it is useful to capture business requirements and the logic that implements them. Group rules together by associating them to topics.

For more information:

  • About adding topics and associating rules to them, see Manage Topics.
  • About defining topics using the Topics tab, including how to add/edit or remove topics used to define groups or rules, see API Properties.

Create Predefined Named Filters and Named Sort Expressions

You can create predefined named filters that allow customized expressions that mask the internal column and SQL syntax.

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View the Audit Trail of Changes

As you apply administration changes to your API, API Creator records an audit trail of changes. You can view this audit trail of changes on the Create, API Properties, Latest changes tab.

For more information about viewing the audit trail of changes, see API Properties.