Your server is transparent, a corporate asset that serves the needs a of multiple teams from developers to business users.

Business Users

Logic expressions are clear to business users in a way that is inconceivable with code. Business users can:

  • Filter the logic to focus on the subset of interest (as shown above, we focus on logic for allocation), for example to support a review session. Logic transparency means that business users can become partners in spotting missing/incorrect logic.
  • Review the logic to find out precisely how the business works, rather than relying on documentation that has drifted away from the underlying implementation. Because the logic is executable, the code is the documentation.
  • See and comment on the logic and verify its compliance with regulations and policy.

Compliance Officers

The job of verifying compliance of a procedural system against intended policies/regulations is a daunting task. It amounts to verifying the correctness of thousands to millions of lines of code. You must somehow ensure the code is correct, but you need to verify that it is called in all the proper instances. With declarative logic, API Creator ensures that every piece of logic is applied to every transaction.


We've all used spreadsheets and had the experience of wondering how a result was determined. Automation is great, but we need to "see inside".

API Creator includes business logic so that its operation is transparent:
  • You can issue GETS, PUTS and POSTS to test your server, without writing any code, using the Rest Lab.
  • Obtain a display of all rule and SQL execution using Logging. This is available through the browser, and applies to server requests from the REST Console or any other application.
  • A JavaScript debugger is provided