API Creator Tour

The API Creator tour is a step-by-step walk-through showing the highlights of using API Creator. The tour creates the Northwind API project sample using the pre-installed Derby database, including a few sample resources and rules.

For more information about the Northwind API project sample, see Northwind API Project Sample.

The tour covers the following topics:

  • Create your API - Connect to your database.
  • Use your API.
  • Define custom resources.
  • Enforce integrity - Rules by way of JavaScript.
  • Enforce security.
  • Add data sources.
  • Browse and edit data using Data Explorer.
    Note: Data Explorer also has a separate tour.
The API Creator tour consists of a series of mini-tours, indicated by the Tour icon, which display as graduation caps in API Creator. The following image shows an example of a Tour icon:

Start the Tour

On the API Creator Home page, click the Tour icon. The following image shows the icon on this page:

Exit the Tour

Press the <esc> key on your keyboard.

Reset the Tour

From the gear icon menu, select Rest All Tutorials

Disable the Tour

To disable the tour permanently, shift-click each of the tour steps.

Note: You can restart the tour at any point by resetting the tour.