Tasks API Project Sample

A common requirement for many projects is a simple time management system. The Tasks API sample illustrates maintaining sums over a complex many-to-many relationship and grouping by way of managed parents.

Prerequisite: You are using the Apache Derby or MySQL database management systems as your admin database.

Basic Requirements

Basic requirements include:
  • Tasks decomposition. to arbitrary level.
  • Release/sprint planning. Subtotal allocated days by release and sprint to balance work.
  • Tasks monitoring. Capture weekly posting, ensure postings complete, revised estimates for in-progress tasks.


Install this sample under the demonstration package, which is a self-contained, single-user version of Live API Creator that is based on Jetty.
  1. Download the tasksAPI.zip file.
  2. Copy the Tasks folder (a Derby database) into your Jetty install, parallel to the pre-installed databases. For example, into the ...CALiveAPICreator-Jetty-2.1.xx.2303/CALiveAPICreator directory.
  3. Import the tasks.json file.
  4. Verify the installation:
    1. Start Data Explorer.
    2. Select table Tasks, explore, add a sub task, and observe totals.

Database Structure

Tasks is the core table in the schema:

Val Huber,
Mar 13, 2016, 9:02 PM