Banking API Project Sample

The Banking API sample illustrates a funds transfer application, patterned after TP1 samples often used for performance testing.

This sample runs under MySQL.

Install the Project Sample

  1. Unpack the Banking file to a suitable location.
  2. Create the MySQL database using the BankingDemo_mysqlv4.mssql file.
  3. Import the API from Banking Demo.json.
  4. Fix up the API as required.
    For more information about how to fix up the API, see Import and Export API Definitions.


Test the API sample by performing a funds transfer.
  1. Log on to API Creator and select the Banking Demo API sample.
  2. Go to Integrate, Data Sources, Connection tab and enter the password and database URL for your instance of MySQL banking.
  3. Start Data Explorer.
  4. Complete the following:
    1. Insert a checking transaction deposit ($100).
    2. Insert a TRANSFER_FUNDS rule and select from acct 100 (Checking) to acct 200 (Savings) for $10. 
  5. Examine the log to see all the rules.



The following image shows the schema:

Funds Transfer Logic

To explore the Banking API sample:
  1. Review the topics.
  2. View the main code:
    1. In API Creator, go to Manage, Rules page.
    2. Click the TRANSFER_FUNDS event.
  3. Move money from check to savings. This operates in accordance with several sum/count/validation rules to verify that sufficient funds exist and that there are no overdrafts.