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The following terminology is used in Live API Creator:

REST Resource


Within a Relationship, the table containing the Primary Key on the "one" side. For example, Purchaseorder is a parent to Lineitem.


Within a Relationship, the table containing the Foreign Key on the "many" side.  For example, Purchaseorder is a child to Customer.  PUT/POST JSON provides mechanisms to associate a child with its parents.


A one-to-many relationship between 2 tables in a relational database.  Relationships are discovered by Foreign Keys defined in your database.  The Sample Database has examples of multiple different kinds of relationships.

Junction Table

Many-to-many relationships are supported in the relational model by introducing Junction tables: a table with Foreign Keys to both end-points.  For example, in the Sample Database, orders can have many Products, and a Product can be ordered on many Orders. We introduce the Junction Lineitem which as Foreign Keys to both, as well as additional attributes (such as QuantityOrdered).

Intersection Table

Another name for a Junction Table.