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Authentication Providers

An authentication provider is a JavaScript function, a piece of JavaScript code. APIs authenticate new user logins by calling the authentication provider. Live API Creator controls access to the API Server REST endpoints using API-specific authentication providers.

As an application developer, you can access the users/roles stored in the Admin database using the built-in authentication provider. Larger organizations that require security can use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Active Directory (AD), or a SQL database. The pluggable JavaScript library is added to the API Server.

You can use an authentication provider JavaScript wrapper function and load this into your API.

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Authentication Provider Samples

Live API Creator includes authentication provider samples for Stormpath, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), SQL Server database, and an LDAP call to a third-party JDBC driver, including the following sample authentication providers:

  • HelloWorldAuthenticationProvider.js. The Hello World Authentication Provider demonstrates the process of creating, installing, and using a custom JavaScript authentication provider.
For more information:
  • StormpathAuthenticationProvider.js. This real provider uses Stormpath for authentication, roles, and user data. It integrates with API Creator and with Data Explorer.
For more information about this authentication provider, see GitHub.
  • RESTAuthSecurityProvider.js. The Business to Business Example provides this custom authentication provider.

For more information about the Business to Business Example, including the RESTAuthSecurityProvider.js custom authentication provider, see Business to Business Example.