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Manage Topics

Topics can include links to external documents and represent use cases (or stories) that group together one or more business rules. Small APIs may only have several rules, but most APIs will have many. Topics record why you defined the associated rule.

Topics are methodology-neutral, for example, they might be an Agile user story or a behavior-driven development (BDD) story/behaviors. For each behavior (such as Check Credit), enter it as a topic.

Add Topics

Add topics on the Create, API Properties, Topics tab and then associate rules to the topic (link topics to logic).

The following image shows the Check Credit topic in view on this tab:

Link Topics to Other Artifacts

Link topics to your other artifacts by adding hyperlinks in the rich text section of the Create, API Properties, Topics page.

Associate Rules to Topics

Rules are reused for all transactions that alter their referenced data. You can associate a rule to one or more topics. Associate rules to topics on the Manage, Rules page.

For more information about creating rules and associating them to topics, see Declare your Logic

Filter Rules by Topic

You can filter rules to those of interest for development and for business-user communication on the Manage, Rules, By topic tabYou can filter rules by a selected topic or by categoryThe following image shows this tab: