Salesforce Data Source

Verify the Prerequisites

Before connecting to one of your Salesforce instances, verify that you have completed the following:

  • You have installed your own JDBC driver for Salesforce, licensed from CData, and copied the cdata.jdbc.salesforce.jar JAR (the JDBC driver) and the cdata.jdbc.salesforce.lic license files into the following directory:
  • (The self-contained, single-user version of Live API Creator based on Jetty) The caliveapicreator/lib/ext directory.
Note: This package does not include JDBC driver for Salesforce.
  • (Tomcat) The tomcat/apache-tomcat-<version>/lib directory.
For more information about the supported versions of JDBC drivers, see Supported Platforms.
  • You know your Salesforce connection information.
  • You have a Salesforce user name. For example,
  • You have your Salesforce password.
  • You have a generated Salesforce security token.
    For more information about how to generate the security token, see the Salesforce documentation.
  • You have ensured that your login has API access enabled.
  • You have determined which production sandbox or dev environment you are going to use.
    For more information, see the site.

Connect to a Salesforce Database

You can connect to your Salesforce database using one of the following methods:
  • When you create your API using the connection wizard.
  • By adding a Salesforce data source to an existing API.

Connect to a new API using the Connection Wizard

Connect to your Salesforce database by creating your API.

For more information about creating APIs, see Create your API Project.

Connect to one of your Salesforce instances using the Salesforce JDBC driver you have added as a library in API Creator.

    1. In the connection wizard, select Salesforce.
    2. Complete the UsernamePassword and Security Token fields, including the following fields, and then click Continue. The following image shows the connection wizard:
You are connected to the database.

Connect to an Existing API by Adding a Data Source

Alternatively, you can connect to your Salesforce database by adding a Salesforce data source to an existing API. The following image shows how to add a data source using the Integrate, Data Sources, Connection tab:
For more information about how to add a connection to a database, see Database Connectivity.

Salesforce Supported Data Types

You can read and write the following Salesforce data types:

Data typeModeled as...
byte Bitmask

More Information

Salesforce is disabling Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.0) encryption protocol. To avoid potential issues, you may need to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 explicitly and disable TLS 1.0 by adding the following line to your startup command for Apache Derby or Tomcat:


For more information: