View Resources

You can access complex query processing using view resources. API Creator discovers the views in your database and makes them available as endpoints by reading the schema. You can also assign security control to view resources.

You can see your view resources on the Integrate, Schema, Views tab.

Invoke View Resources

Not all databases provide the system-required view composition for view/base table mapping. API Creator provides SQL database views as RESTful resource endpoints. These views supply results as JSON.

You can invoke view resources using GET. For example, you can use the following URL in the REST Lab:


Note: You can only read (GET) view resources. If you want to update (PUT) the view resource, consider defining a custom resource.

For more information about custom resources, see Customize your API.

The following image shows this GET on the Execute, REST Lab, Request tab:

Filter and Order View Resources

You can filter and order view resource parameters. View resources also support pagination. You cannot access view resources based on primary key.